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Tips For Buying A Garden Hoe Or Rake

Rogue hoeBuying gardening tools is not always an easy thing to do because of the wide array of the gardening tools available in the current markets. However, having some tips in mind is one good way of making the process of purchasing the right tools less tedious. When buying a garden hoe or a garden rake, some things should always be considered. The first thing should be the brand.

The prices as well as the quality too, are other important factors. Some of the most amazing brands when it comes to the garden hoes are the Rogue hoes, which are definitely an incredible choice. These are made by a family-owned company located in the United States, Ozarks, Missouri. However, these garden hoes are a bit more expensive when compared to other counterparts in the markets such as the Fiskars Garden Hoe.

Prohoe Rogue HoeFiskars 61 Inch Hoe

The Fiskars 61 Inch Long-Handle Aluminum Hoe is a perfect choice. This is because the garden hoe is available at reasonable price that is designed to meet all kind of budgets. In sites such as Amazon, this tool goes for a price that is as low as $25.00. Unlike other garden tools that come with a warranty that is valid for five years or less, this one comes with a lifetime warranty.

Other than this, this garden tool has other amazing features that make it a preferred choice to most gardeners. This includes the fact that the hoe is highly maneuverable. It is also very strong and lightweight. This ensures that one has no problems lifting it up when using it for prolonged periods. The aluminum handle that is teardrop shaped is quite easy to grip hence fatigue is reduced to quite a large extent. The blades are pre-sharpened hence can easily cut through fibrous roots as well as soil. The handles that are quite long allows for greater comfort in that they improve posture.

Another common garden hoe is the Eagle Garden Hoe With 48-Inch Wood Handle 1850100. Though it is low priced, most customers from the consumers are discontented with the fact that the head is not very substantial while the handle is quite short.

Eagle Garden HoeCorona Extendable Handle Hoe

The Corona Clipper Extendable Handle Hoe GT 3060 is also a popular choice. Its main pros include the fact that it has an extendable handle, a feature that makes it perfect for use when kneeling as well as standing.  It has a sturdy metal shaft that makes it stand the test of time. This also makes it an investment that proves to be worth the money in the long-run. The product also comes with a life time warranty. It is a reasonably priced tool going for as low as $12.49. The fact that it is light weight only adds to its list of advantages. However, this tool is not fit for heavy duty gardening hence the full-length hoes may make more sense for people with a lot of gardening work. With the above pros and cons of various models, you are now at a better position of making solid and informed decisions on what tool to go for.

All of these companies have several hoes to choose from. By clicking through the product links, you can see alternatives for your use.

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