Featured Black Flowers

Black Dragon Coleus

Black Dragon Coleus is a great plant to grow if you are looking for something that adds intensely deep colored foliage to a shady location in your garden space. This is a very showy annual that adds the perfect dramatic touch to borders or container plantings. With its deep reddish and intense purple, almost black color, this is also an ideal plant to use in garden settings with a gothic or … [Read More...]

What Makes the Black Devil Pansy Ideal for Gothic Gardens?

A Black Devil Pansy is a plant with black flowers that have a yellow center surrounded by pure black petals. The cold hardiness of this biennial flower allows it to grow in just about any location in the United States. Once this plant has established in the flowerbed in early spring then the new plants emerge, which is why this plant is appropriate for perennial beds. Unlike other pansies, this … [Read More...]

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Black Flowers Perennials

Black Mondo Grass

Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens', more commonly known as Black Mondo Grass, is a small evergreen perennial that provides stunning contrast to the garden or container planting. This plant produces a dense, purplish-black grass-like foliage that looks great in borders, edgings, and as part of a mixed container planting. Because of its stunning dark color, Black Mondo Grass makes the perfect … [Read More...]

Superstition Iris

Looking to add a plant to your garden that has rich eye popping color and that is a bit on the mysterious side? Look no further than the Superstition Iris. This is a beautiful flower with dark purple-black ruffled falls and bluish-purple beards. These flowers are sure to add a touch of elegance and mystery and even their name suggests that they would make the perfect addition to any Gothic garden … [Read More...]

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Garden Design Ideas

Enjoy Moonlight Gardens at Night

When most people think of their outdoor garden, they likely think of sunny days and enjoying their yard in the daytime hours. While experiencing your garden in the daylight is wonderful, there is no need to limit your enjoyment of your yard and garden area to the daylight hours. What if there was a way […]

Adorable Touch of Nature Fairy Garden Furniture

A fairy garden can be a cute designated spot within a regular garden area, or can have its own designated area such as a container. With pint sized plants and miniature furnishings and accessories, a fairy garden is about as cute as it gets. Both children and adults love these tiny fantasy gardens that add […]

New Black Flowers and Fruits for 2016

With gardening season quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what flowers and plants to add to the garden this year. For those who have established or wish to create a gothic or Victorian black garden theme, it can be especially challenging to find something new and exciting in the “black” flower and plant […]

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Gothic Garden Decor

Create a Gothic Garden Theme with Gothic Dragon Gargoyles

Are you planning to create a gothic garden and provide excitement to your outdoor space? A beautiful garden often provides a good place for relaxation especially during summer when the weather is perfect for outdoor activities. Share your beautiful and attractive garden with friends and family. This can also add attraction to your home as […]

Gothic Garden Arbor

If you are planning on creating a gothic garden, or already have one established, there is nothing else that adds quite the same amount of character to the garden as a gothic garden arbor. The arbor will give the outdoor space a touch of historic charm and add to the mysterious feel of the space, […]

Wrought Iron Baker’s Racks

A baker’s rack is typically thought of as a handy piece of furniture for use in the kitchen to hold everything from canisters, to cook books, to other items generally found in the kitchen area. However, a baker’s rack can also be used for purposes other than the kitchen. Consider using a heavy duty wrought […]

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