Featured Black Flowers

Black Star Calla Lily

The Black Star Calla Lily, or Zantedeschia , has a very dark reddish black color on its funnel shaped flowers, as well as a very dark stem. Of all the calla lilies, it is the only one with a reddish burgundy colored trim on the edges of the leaves. This black flower looks very striking against its own beautiful green foliage and the plant grows to a height from ten to twenty four inches … [Read More...]

Black Nigra Hollyhock (Alcea rosea): Perfect Bloom for a Gothic Garden

Do you want to create a garden which will stand out from the rest but definitely not the conventional type you see in most homes? If you are looking for excitement in your garden then a gothic theme might do perfectly well for you. This is not your usual ever-blooming garden of happiness. A gothic garden offers something more interesting and even with some tinge of strangeness yet full of … [Read More...]

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Black Flowers Perennials

Sempervivum ‘Crimson Velvet’ Hen and Chicks

Sempervivum 'Crimson Velvet' (Hen and Chicks) is a type of hardy cactus/succulent that originated in the United Kingdom. It features dark red leaves that are covered in a fine layer of "fuzz" that resembles down or velvet, giving it the name of Crimson Velvet. The leaves grow in such a way that they form tiny mounds, which is why the plant is sometimes referred to as Hen and Chicks when there is … [Read More...]

Voodoo Sedum Perennial Ground Cover

If you are looking for a colorful plant selection for areas in the garden that are difficult for other plants to grow in, Voodoo Sedum (Sedum Spurium Voodoo) is a great choice. Also known as Stonecrop Sedum, this is a variety of succulent that provides colorful ground cover and thrives in areas with poor, dry, or rocky soil conditions. It is a very hardy plant that tolerates heat, cold weather, … [Read More...]

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Garden Design Ideas

Container Gardening on Your Patio

If you love to garden but happen to have limited outdoor space to work with, you don’t have to sacrifice your love of growing plants. When space is limited, take advantage of container gardening to turn your patio, balcony, or small outdoor space into a beautiful growing space. Many types of flowers, fruits, vegetables, climbing […]

Starter Seed Packs for Your Fairy Garden & Other Specialty Gardens

It’s that time of year to begin thinking about planting a garden this spring for summer and fall enjoyment. If you plan on starting your plants from seeds, now that danger of the last frost has passed in most areas, it’s time to get started. Garden In The Koop starter seed kits have everything you […]

New Black Plants for 2015

Black flowers and plants are a gardener’s dream, especially to those growing a gothic garden or a Victorian black garden. While no flower is truly black in color, some varieties come so close with their deep, rich shades of burgundies, reds, and purple hues that they appear black. Here we take a look at some […]

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Gothic Garden Decor

Gothic Garden Arbor

If you are planning on creating a gothic garden, or already have one established, there is nothing else that adds quite the same amount of character to the garden as a gothic garden arbor. The arbor will give the outdoor space a touch of historic charm and add to the mysterious feel of the space, […]

Gothic Gardens and Black Flowers

One of the biggest trends in gardening is the development of dark hued flowers, even black flowers, although many of the so called black flowers are actually dark purples, and dark reds.  Whether you are looking to completely fill a garden with these dark lovelies, or just want to add some depth to a garden […]

Create a Fairy Village in Your Garden and Experience Whimsy and Magic

A garden is a good home improvement which can add curb appeal and increase property value. If you want to create something unique then you might want to consider following a garden theme. One interesting way to add excitement to your garden is to choose a fairy theme. Create a fairy village in a gothic […]

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