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Black Star Calla Lily

Black Star Calla LilyThe Black Star Calla Lily, or Zantedeschia , has a very dark reddish black color on its funnel shaped flowers, as well as a very dark stem. Of all the calla lilies, it is the only one with a reddish burgundy colored trim on the edges of the leaves. This black flower looks very striking against its own beautiful green foliage and the plant grows to a height from ten to twenty four inches tall.

The Calla Lily bulbs are about two to three inches in size, and may be planted in the spring. They prefer a sunny or partly sunny location, and have a blooming period of approximately eight weeks. These make a beautiful border flower and are good as cut flowers in floral arrangements. Depending upon your growth zone, these flowers may be annuals, but in zones 9 through 11, they are perennial and will return year after year without the need for replanting. Bulbs should be planted about six to nine inches apart to avoid crowding.

Calla Lilly, Black Star

With the unusually dark color of the Black Star Calla Lily, it makes a terrific addition to a garden with a gothic theme. Gothic gardens tend to focus on dark flowers and vines that evoke a mysterious look,so choose flowers that are so dark as to appear black in color, flowers with deep red hues, and those with dark purple color for the best gothic looks. Black Star Calla Lilies blend well with such flowers as Black Dragon Coleus, Black Pansies, Black Knight Morning Glories, Onyx Odyssey, and even very dark purple vegetable plants. Place a gargoyle statue or two in your garden to “keep watch” over all of your plants and add some character to your gothic theme.

Incorporate the Calla Lily into your gothic garden by planting it in borders or among both taller and shorter flowers, making sure the Black Star Calla Lily is showcased in its own special area within the garden design.

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  1. What a beautiful Calla Lily! I have always planted a variety of colors, but I have never had a Black Star. I will certainly have to add one (or several) to my garden this year.

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