Outdoor Fairy Garden Statues for Your Fairy Garden

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Outdoor Fairy Garden Statues for Your Fairy Garden

Outdoor Fairy Garden Statues for Your Fairy Garden

Putting Fairies in Your Garden

Creating a whimsical fairy garden is becoming more popular, and garden artists are working hard to come up with beautiful outdoor fairy garden statues and other fairy art to add to your fairy garden.

Fairy garden statues are made to withstand the weather while adding mystical beauty to your garden, however if you want to leave your statues outdoors all year, you need to make sure that they are made of materials like cast iron that can withstand winter weather. Many people leave their garden statues outdoors in the garden seasons only, and bring them indoors during the winter season.

Fairy garden statues can be made of stone, metal, resin or treated clay and are meant to sit on the ground or on pedestals in your garden. Besides fairy garden statues, there are also beautiful fairy garden stakes, and solar powered fairy garden decorations that can add whimsical touches to your fairy garden.

 Gazing Fairy Statue British Reading Fairy Statue Pondering Fairy Statue

Secret Garden Fairies Collection

Gothic Garden Fairy StatueThis Pondering Fairy Statue is part of a Secret Garden Fairies collection made by artist Evelyn Myers Hartley.

Ready to enchant at a moment’s notice, this magical creature is cast in quality designer resin with a faux stone finish.

This sculpture is a slightly darker grey color than implied by the photo. 5.5″Wx11.5″Dx8.5″H. 4 lbs.  Only $24.95.

Attracting Birds to Your Fairy Garden

One way of adding to the whimsical nature of your fairy garden is to add a garden bird bath or bird feeder with a fairy motif.  This will add more fairy art to your garden and also attract birds to flit and fly in your garden.
The garden fairy bird bath will also help attract butterflies and other winged creatures to your garden adding to the fantastical nature of the fairy garden.  Fairies are usually picture with wings, so adding more winged creatures to your garden will add to the appeal.

Fairy and Flower Statues

Fairy art and floral art make a good blend, and are especially apropos for a fairy garden.  The flowers in the design of the garden art will reflect the flowers in the garden as they bloom throughout the season.

Depending on your preference, you can find fairy statues with flowers like sunflowers, roses, or daisies, and you can also find beautiful fairy statues with other nature touches like trees, mushrooms, leaves, and stones.

Cast Iron Standing Bird BathCast Iron Standing Bird Bath

Adding Other Mystical Creatures to Your Garden

You can also add other mystical creatures to your fairy garden to add to the whimsical nature of the fairy garden.  Some possibilities are decorations or statues with elves, dragons, gnomes, pixies, angels, gargoyles and dwarves.

Garden gnomes have a history going back into the middle ages as guardians of the home and garden, and can be found with all kinds of themes including college teams.  If you want your garden to introduce your guests to a variety of mystical creatures, add some dragons, elves, and pixies to hidden nooks to peek through the foliage, and clusters of creatures perching on stones near your seating area or your garden benches.

Metal Fairy Garden Stakes

To add height to your to your fairy decorations, you may want to add metal garden stakes to your fairy garden. Metal garden stakes look especially good amidst taller plants and shrubs.

Metal garden stakes are usually made of brass or copper so that the weather will add a patina to the metal as it sits in your garden. Metal garden stakes should be pulled up each year before winter and kept indoors over the winter to keep them in good condition and so that they will not be blown away during winter weather.

Some garden stakes are solar powered lights that will stay lit in the evenings as you sit out in your fairy garden.  You can also add lights to your garden with LED lights strung up on poles for garden parties and other evening events.

 Solar Fairy Garden Light Solar Fairy Stake Fairy Garden Stake Solar Fairy Silhouette Garden Stake

Outdoor Fairy Garden Statues

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