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Queen of the Night Tulip

Queen of the Night TulipThe Queen of the Night Tulip, or black tulip, is actually a deep maroon color that appears black in certain lighting. As one of the almost black flowers available today, this one makes a great addition to any garden, especially one with a gothic theme. Even the name gives this flower a certain mystique, perfect for a gothic setting.

This virtually black tulip is the product of many years of attempts to create a hybrid tulip that was genuinely black in color. The Queen of the Night Tulip is easy to grow and a very hearty flower. These black flowers will flourish best if planted in growing zones 3 through 8. For the best results, plant the tulip bulbs with the nose of the bulb in an upward position in the late fall season, before winter sets in. Space bulbs approximately four inches apart to avoid crowding and give them room to grow properly. This plant prefers well drained, moist soil and should get several hours of sun exposure each day. Blooming occurs in the middle of spring, around May, and the plants will grow to be between one and one half feet to two feet high.

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These easy to grow flowers are great for cut flower arrangements and beautiful borders, and would make a striking addition to a gothic garden for springtime color. This flower can be planted among other black flowers that bloom in the spring, such as Black Barlow Columbine and Black Calla Lilies. Also works well with flowers that are deep red, deep maroon, or deep purple in color to create a mysterious and exotic look. Be sure to plant several other plants of black, reds, maroons, and purples that bloom later in spring or those that will last through the summer months to provide blossoms throughout the growing season.

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