Penny Black Nemophila Looks Like it is Wearing a Tuxedo

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Penny Black Nemophila Looks Like it is Wearing a Tuxedo

Penny Black Nemophila

Gothic High Class Dressy Black Bloom

Penny Black NemophilaIf you are looking for a lovely black ground hugging flower to cover an area or to mix in with your other garden blooms, one of the classiest looking black flowers is the Penny Black Nemophila,  Nemophila menziesii.

The Penny Black is an excellent choice for ground cover, container planting, and hanging baskets.  It also looks great anywhere you would like to have color contrast in your garden.  The flowers range in color from deep purple to black with white edges, which make the Penny Black look like it is ready to go out on the town in its tuxedo.

The flowers are about 1 inch, while plants grow between 2 to 4 inches tall.  These black flowers do well as ground cover because they can spread up to 15 inches.

For best growth, the best time to sow Penny Black Nemophila is in early spring.  You should plant barely covering the seed in either partial shade or full sun, and keep the seeds well watered.  These flowers need to stay well watered after germination as well.  Penny Black takes about 3 weeks to germinate, and 2 months to flower.  This black flower is an annual which will grow in all zones.

Penny Black Seeds Nemophila DiscoidalisPenny Black Seeds Nemophila Discoidalis


50 Penny Black Nemophila Flower Self-Seeding50 Penny Black Nemophila Flower Self-SeedingPenny Black - 20 Seeds, 200 mg - NemophilaPenny Black – 20 Seeds, 200 mg – Nemophila50 Penny Black Nemophila / Flower Seeds / Annual50 Penny Black Nemophila / Flower Seeds / Annual


Penny Black Nemophila do not keep well in a bouquet of flowers. If you do want to use them in a bouquet or vase, it is best to use the entire plant so that they will last longer.  These black flowers make a delightful Mother’s Day gift.

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