Antique Hydrangea Charcoal Flower

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Antique Hydrangea Charcoal Flower

Antique Hydrangea Charcoal FlowerThe Antique Hydrangea Charcoal flower comes from the hydrangea shrub. Hydrangea shrubs are an old fashioned favorite that produce massive ball shaped flowers. These flowers may appear to be one large, globe shaped flower, but in reality are clusters of smaller flowers with four petals. The common flower colors in hydrangea shrubs are white, pink, green, and blue. However, the Antique Hydrangea Charcoal flower offers a slightly different color scheme, with green leaves that have deep, dark undertones of purplish brown color. The unique colors of this plant make it a great addition to a gothic garden, where darker colored flowers are preferred.

Cuttings from the shrub make great bouquets and cut floral arrangements. Planting a row of hydrangea shrubbery around the perimeter would be a striking accent for a gothic garden. A shrub here and there throughout the other plantings would also provide a unique point of interest when mixed in with other “gothic” flowers. Consider growing the Antique Hydrangea Charcoal flower among other old fashioned favorites such as the Black Hollyhock and Chocolate Cosmos.

Hydrangeas are fairly easy to grow and care for, requiring only rich, fertile soil and regular watering. Plant in an area where there is sunlight in the morning and shade in the afternoon. They do not thrive well in climates with intensely hot summers. If your climate tends to get extremely hot in the summer months, consider planting it in an area that gets quite a bit of shade during the day. Make sure to prepare your hydrangeas for the winter months by surrounding it with a thick layer of mulch. The shrub will require little pruning, with only dead flowers requiring trimming. Take care not to prune the plant back or you will reduce the number of flowers it produces. You can also guarantee more flower production by taking cuttings from existing shrubs and propagating them to make more shrubs for planting.

The Antique Hydrangea Charcoal flower is also the ideal flower for drying and will last for years. Great for making a dried, gothic floral arrangement or wreath!

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