Black Cloud Papaver Somniferum Black Poppy

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Black Cloud Papaver Somniferum Black Poppy

Black PoppyAre you in the middle of planning your gothic garden design and wondering what plants and flowers to include in your design scheme? Planning for a gothic garden requires a little more attention to details. After all you will not be creating the conventional garden you commonly see in most outdoor spaces. More creativity and imagination are needed in order to come up with a successful gothic garden design plan. This type of garden may not suit anyone due to the mood it projects and sometimes creepy appearance. However, with careful planning and the inclusion of striking plants and flowers, a gothic garden may just mesmerize even those who only love traditional design gardens.

When planning for a gothic themed garden it is important that you select the right plants. Choose dark and mysterious plants like the Black Cloud Papaver Somniferum Black Poppy. The Black cloud or the Black Poppy is a good choice when you want to create a gothic effect in your garden. The blooms of a Black Poppy are often huge and tightly packed. These are often lacy and the color appears dark purple to almost black. Most commonly, the black cloud can reach up to 5 inches in width and can be planted in any garden where you want to have intense and dark color blooms. This type of flower is very easy to maintain and grow.

Ideal Gothic Garden Flower

The Black Cloud Papaver Somniferum Black Poppy is an ideal gothic garden flower primarily because of its color, beauty, and rarity. This remarkable and stunning plant can grow up to six feet tall. The stems are quite thick and come with bristly leaves. This annual plant can grow quickly and can produce flowers all throughout the year before seed pods are produced and blooms wither. You may only need to plant this once since this will self seed. You will be amazed how this can add beauty to your melancholic gothic garden.

100 Poppy Flower Seeds100 Poppy Flower Seeds

When matched with other fancy accessories like a metal bench, wrought iron arbors, web design chairs, and variety of enchanting gargoyle statues, the black cloud will certainly provide the uniqueness which any gothic garden design needs. You can also add a mix of herbs to the ensemble of flowers and plants to fill your garden. Pumpkins seed are also good addition especially if you are planning to add a vegetable patch. Hollowed turnips can also be used to hold candles and can create a good lighting effect at night especially during Halloween. This will create a more sinister appeal to an exciting gothic garden concept.

A successfully planned gothic garden should exude some mystery, fancy, melancholy, and excitement. Bring mystery to your garden when you use the Black Cloud Papaver Somniferum Black Poppy as the focal point surrounded by other interesting blooms with dark color hue and some accessories. This can be an interesting conversation piece where you and your friends can talk about during a beautiful summer garden party. Stun your guests with the beauty and elegance of the black cloud in a gothic garden you design yourself.

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