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Black Rose, the Ultimate Gothic Flower

Black RoseThe Black Rose is not naturally a truly black flower, but rather one that is so deeply red that it appears black in color. Because black flowers do not exist in nature, some people have found ways to try to make them. One such method to use is to make your own dye for the roots of the rose bush by mixing one teaspoon of black food coloring together with five cups of water. Water the rose bush with the mixture about every one to two weeks, and after a month or so, you should notice the black color appearing in the blooms. If you’re not into tampering with nature’s beauty, then choose a “black rose” that is the rich, deep red. Either plant is both beautiful and well suited for planting in a gothic garden setting.

Your best flower choices for black roses are the Black Prince, or Black Jade rose varieties. These rose bushes thrive in sandy soil in partially shady areas. When planting the bush, make the hole as deep as the top of the base of the plant and about four inches wider than the root system. Soil should be kept only slightly moist, as too much moisture may lead to issues with mold. A fertilizer designed specifically for use on roses should be applied once in early spring and again in mid-summer.

Black of Night Rose Seeds

Pruning of the rose bush should be done in the months of January or February, leaving only about six inches of plant height remaining. Be watchful for the development of any brown spots throughout the growing season and immediately treat with a plant fungicide if any are seen.

The black rose can truly take center stage in a gothic garden setting. With black roses evoking symbolism of such things as dying love, black magic, and funerals, this is the ideal flower to plant among other “black” flowers, or those that are deep shades of reds and purples.

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