Add Mystery to Your Garden with this Gothic Figure

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Add Mystery to Your Garden with this Gothic Figure

Gothic Wanderer Garden FigureEvery gothic garden needs some mystery, and what could be more mysterious than this mysterious gothic figure wandering through your garden.

Who hasn’t heard stories of wizened elders so attuned to nature that even the wind seems to whisper to them its secrets?

Artist Liam Manchester draws on these tales to bring us the powerful and wise “Wanderer,” who boasts sculptural detail from a knowing smile to gnarled hands and upturned toes.  This sculpture, designed to be outdoors in your garden, is nearly 2 feet tall, hand painted, made of high quality designer resin.

With this gothic sculpture in place, all you will need is a bit of magic, and who knows what other creatures will come to spend some time in the garden.  This sculpture looks like what I imagine Gandalf would be like if he came out of the pages of The Lord of the Rings.

Nature's Wanderer SculptureNature’s Wanderer Sculpture

A perfect Mother’s Day gift or Father’s Day gift for someone you love.

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