Gothic Garden Arbor

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Oakland Living Royal Arbor with GateIf you are planning on creating a gothic garden, or already have one established, there is nothing else that adds quite the same amount of character to the garden as a gothic garden arbor. The arbor will give the outdoor space a touch of historic charm and add to the mysterious feel of the space, as well as architectural detail. Many gothic garden arbors are simple archways, while others actually have a gated entrance that will welcome visitors to this special outdoor space. When choosing an arbor with a specifically gothic theme in mind, choose the more ornate versions as opposed to the simpler, more basic models. This will provide more intricate details as well as more interesting places for your plants and vines to crawl.

Imagine walking into your gothic garden area and being greeted by a tall arbor, offering an archway entrance to this place of beauty and intrigue. Choosing a black gothic garden arbor will fit in perfectly with the theme. One such ideal arbor is the Oakland Living 8.5 foot Iron Gothic Arbor with Gate. A bit of a pricey investment at prices ranging from around $383 to $499, this is one sturdy design that should provide years and years of enjoyment. Providing a grand entrance to the garden will really make an excellent first impression for visitors. The architectural design of this arbor includes three finial tops, and patterns of flowing scrolls throughout the framework. Constructed from tubular iron, this arbor is built to last through years of exposure to the elements. The matching gate adds that extra something to offer privacy and decoration. This model comes with a ground base, and mounting stakes to provide extra stability upon placement. Although this arbor does not come in a black finish, its hammered bronze finish still works well, and the detailed design makes it the perfect companion to all of your black and deep, dark colored flowers and plants.

The Oakland Living Royal Arbor with Gate is also another great style that will work well for a gothic garden. This arbor works well to separate your gothic garden space from the rest of your outdoor space. Made from the same durable tubular iron as the above mentioned model, this style is done in a classic black hardened powder coat finish that will stand up to weather without fading, chipping, or cracking. Priced on Amazon from different vendors at anywhere from $296 to over $700, be sure to shop around for the best deal on this one. Framework is designed with patterns that bring to mind those of a stained glass window, perfect for letting climbing vines climb and wrap around. This gothic garden arbor will provide you with a sense of privacy and make your private garden getaway seem more intimate.

A less expensive model of gothic garden arbor is the Panacea 89097 Quatrefoil Garden Arbor. Listed at a price of $189.99, this arbor can be found for as little as $100.04. Constructed from sturdy steel and sporting a black powder coated finish, this arbor stands 90 inches high, measures 43 and 1/2 inches wide, and is 18 inches deep. This model features a soft arch and overlapping metal scrolls form an intricate diamond shape on the side panels, and rectangular gridwork. This arbor offers the perfect place to plant climbing plants around the base and to weave them in and out of the gridwork as they continue to grow.

Aside from these examples, there are many other models of arbors that would be ideal for a gothic garden setting. The things to look for when choosing an arbor for such a garden theme would include the color and/or design. You want something with a more vintage feel to it as opposed to something very modern looking. Also, look for detailed framework patterns that will give your plants interesting places to wrap around and climb. Arbors with gates are ideal for creating a sense of privacy, yet not necessary as you can still create a similar effect with an arched variety minus the gate. Your arbor should allow you to separate the garden space from the outside world, giving you a feeling of privacy and intimacy in your garden hideaway. When selecting the perfect arbor for your own garden, try asking yourself if, when alive with black and deeply colored blooms and climbing vines, would this look like something the Munsters might have in their yard? If you can answer "yes" to that question, you have probably selected the right arbor.

Incorporate the arbor into your selection of dark and mysterious plants and a protective gargoyle or two, and you will have a gothic garden worth bragging about.

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