Gothic Gardens and Black Flowers

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Gothic Gardens and Black Flowers

Black Knight Kniolas Morning GloryOne of the biggest trends in gardening is the development of dark hued flowers, even black flowers, although many of the so called black flowers are actually dark purples, and dark reds.  Whether you are looking to completely fill a garden with these dark lovelies, or just want to add some depth to a garden of brighter blooms, black flowers are becoming more and more popular.

To help feed this trend for more black flowers, botanists, and growers are coming up with new flower hybrids each year.  There are numerous black versions of flowers that we are already familiar with, and they are truly lovely.

In addition to the trend of adding dark flowers to a garden, gothic gardens are becoming more popular.  Filling a garden with black flowers and gothic figurines, and garden decor can create a spectacularly interesting effect. Some gothic gardens are more of a mystical garden setting, others are macabre, while some gothic gardens have a touch of humor. Depending on how you would like to create and decorate your garden, you cannot go wrong with black flowers.

However, you decide to decorate your black flower garden this year, we will explore the black blooms and gothic decor on this site in the posts going forward. Each post on this site will look into the various black flowers that are available for planting in gardens, both annuals and perennials. We will talk about the various needs of each flower, as well as how best to plant them and care for them.

We will also look at fun, and scary decorations that would fit into any gothic garden, both whimsical and funny.

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